Störk-Tronic is one of the leading manufacturers for electronic measuring and control technology for cooling and heating systems. The competency and innovation of our company is based on close cooperation with our partners, which translates into customer-specific solutions. Commitment to quality Where our products are used, it is important to connect efficiency with the most modern technology – Störk-Tronic can offer networked systems in medicine, the food industry and in engineering. As a manufacturer our commitment is to deliver firstclass products. This is guaranteed through the use of the best components, our stringent testing and commended quality control systems. From board level to manufacturing every employee is committed to total quality management, from precision production and testing to open, honest partnerships with our customers and suppliers. is a webshop for the Störk-Tronic products for the purchase of small quantities and spare parts only. It is not related to the customer specific developments and products that are offered to the market.